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Our Approach to Your Financial Future in Indianapolis, IN

Four Steps to Financial Freedom

The money that you invest now will determine the success of your financial strategy years down the line. With that in mind, Werner Financial takes each client we see through our four-step process to help ensure that the decisions we are making regarding your future are sound. We know that the markets move quickly; so do we. But we also make sure that before we make a decision, it is well thought out and within your risk tolerance. That’s the beauty of the four-step process: it gives us the guidelines we need to be better advisors for your specific needs.

Step One: Mutual Discovery

Mutual discovery isn’t some mutual fund. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other. Many times, your financial advisor is someone who you trust with your livelihood, your business’ finances, or your family’s financial security.

That’s a big commitment, and Jason Werner wants Werner Financial to earn that trust. Conversely, Jason wants to get to know more about you. He’ll ask you questions about your family, your income, your assets, and your goals. Where do you want to be in 10 years? In 30? (If you aren’t sure of the answers, that’s ok, too. Jason can help you determine the right goals for your situation and how to get you there.)

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Step Two: Analysis

Using the information about your preferences gathered in Step One, the Werner Financial team goes to work. We scour the financial sector looking for opportunities that fit within your goals.

Whether you are looking for a growth investment opportunity or a policy to give your family peace of mind, our team will hunt it down and analyze it with you in mind. At Werner Financial, we don’t do cookie-cutter policies or sales pitches disguised as market research. We do the legwork of analyzing each opportunity and drawing our own conclusions as to whether it makes sense for your risk tolerance.

Step Three: Action Plan

This is the fun part. We get to meet with you and show you exactly what we’ve found, how it makes sense for you, and ultimately, how it will benefit you financially moving forward. Jason and the Werner Financial team love fine-tuning our action plans to fit your needs, and there’s nothing better for us than the feeling we get when we know we have you covered. Our clients are often surprised by how excited they get during this step in the process. Even if finances aren’t your “thing,” it can be truly cathartic to see the actual roadmap to your financial independence being revealed before your eyes. Seeing the endgame makes the hard work you put into your career each day even more rewarding.

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Step Four:Review

Werner Financial is not a “set it and forget it” financial management company. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your financial position and will present those opportunities to you when we find them.

We believe in the value of long-term investing, but we also know that making sure the investments you make stay sound year after year is the key to making that strategy work. At Werner Financial, you can rest easy knowing that our team is up to date on your portfolio and ready to act if your situation changes. That’s the difference that comes from a strong process.

You know how to succeed at what you do. With Werner Financial in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that the fruits of your success are protected and that your financial plan is working as hard as you are. Schedule a no-obligation conversation with Jason Werner at Werner Financial today to secure your success.

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