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Tax Consultingin Indianapolis, IN

Finding The Right Ways to Save on Taxes

You have worked hard for your money. Are their strategies for business owners to save on taxes?

Have you ever wished for someone you could trust to lead you through the complicated mazes of the tax code, so that at the end of each year you are able keep a larger portion of the money you have earned? If there’s a way, Josh Sherrard and Strategic Navigators would love the opportunity to educate on you where that opportunity may be.

In Indianapolis tax consulting that is creative, reliable, and sophisticated can be difficult to find. Werner Financial would love to introduce you to the professionals that will help you control your tax spend by providing business owners education on strategies that the wealthy have used for decades in order to save on their annual tax spend. Werner Financial's partnership with Josh Sherrard and Strategic Navigators will allow businesses the opportunity to learn these strategies and ultimately how can their specific situations use the tax code to minimize their risk and maximize their savings.

Indianapolis Tax Consulting (for People Like You)

With Strategic Navigators, tax consulting is the process of understanding the ever-changing tax code to reduce that amount you send each year to the IRS and the State of Indiana.

You hear about tax strategies and the team of professionals it would take to save on taxes and likely think these are reserved for only the ultra-wealthy. Strategic Navigators Inc. has provided step-by-step coaching that has educated thousands of business owners on how they too can maximize strategy to significantly lower the tax bill each year. Certainly, there are financial strategies that require a unique level of wealth, but there are plenty of ways that any taxpayer can use the tax code to their benefit.

To do that, you need someone who understands your particular situation and can use his financial expertise for your benefit. Josh Sherrard and his team at Strategic Navigators are the ones to show you the way. He will help you determine how best to save on your tax obligations.

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Indianapolis Tax Consulting Step 1: Discovery

The first step in any tax consulting session is Discovery. You may have several different options available that can save you money when filing your tax return.

When you come in for your initial session with Strategic Navigators, don’t expect a rigid, formulaic tax preparation interrogation. Josh wants to get to know you, not just your income. You and our team will spend time discussing your life goals and specific personal situation, not just a bland review of your previous tax returns. Josh believes the best way to help you is by being a trusted advisor who reviews each specific situation so that we can analyze which portions of the tax code would fit from a planning perspective and to ultimately show you a stronger version of your planning that will significantly impact your life.

Since this first session also provides you with a chance to get to know us, Josh will explain how the process of tax consulting works. No matter what questions you have, Josh will answer them clearly, providing a simple and concise explanation to help educate you about your options. At the end of your Discovery session, you will have a much deeper understanding of the potential avenues that may be available to you, and Josh will now have the information he needed to analyze how much you as a taxpayer will be able to save year in and year out.

Step 2: Analysis

From the information you provide during Discovery, Josh will review your situation and determine the most appropriate ways to protect your hard-earned money from unnecessary taxation. Josh strives to offer the best tax consulting Indianapolis has to offer and stays up to date on the tax code, to make sure your taxes will be filed with the most up-to-date rules possible. If there is a new exemption, Josh will know it inside and out.

At Strategic Navigators, Josh Sherrard always has an eye on opportunities to not only protect your income but help to grow those funds. By taking a look at your financial plans, he can help steer you away from tactics that may increase your tax burden in the future, and instead help you pivot to strategies that minimize your exposure.

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Step 3: Action Plan

At Strategic Navigators, Josh will help plan the most effective strategies to ensure that taxes don’t become a headwind that makes it harder to reach your goals. Josh will outline the plan of action based on your input.

With a complete understanding of tax compliance, Josh will lay out an effective strategy to reduce your tax liability that lies within your comfort zone. Josh will explain every step and make sure you understand the direction and the expected results. You will have the chance to make changes as the plan is developed to ensure the final plan meets your needs. When you choose Josh Sherrard as your Indianapolis tax consultant, you can feel confident that you are not just getting a thorough accounting of your taxes, but also have someone in your corner that genuinely cares about your financial health.

Step 4: Execution and Review

Josh will help you accomplish the changes necessary to reduce your current taxes and put in place strategies to plan for future tax responsibilities.

He will make sure that all the correct forms are filled out and sent to the proper places. You will be able to track your tax progress and will be kept up to date along the way.

Josh will meet with you regularly to discuss any changes in your tax situation. Any major life event – like marriages, divorces, births, deaths, change of employment – can have a significant impact on your taxes. In consultation with you, Josh can help you adjust your plan as needed to include these important life events. Expert tax consulting in Indianapolis is a comfortable, secure experience with Strategic Navigators.

A Caring Source for Tax Consulting

Josh Sherrard believes that the best way to serve his clients is to get to know them and their financial needs and goals. We want to build a long-term relationship that you can rely on for expert advice.

In Indianapolis tax consulting can be accomplished without the stuffy, “suit and tie” process you may have experienced in the past. Josh believes that taxes should be as painless as possible, which is why you will always be greeted like family at Strategic Navigators. Paying taxes can be stressful, but planning to reduce those taxes doesn’t have to be. Take advantage of a relaxed Discovery session with Josh Sherrard today to experience a better way to do your taxes.

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You know how to succeed at what you do. With Werner Financial in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that the fruits of your success are protected and that your financial plan is working as hard as you are. Schedule a no-obligation conversation with Jason Werner at Werner Financial today to secure your success.

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