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401(k) Management in Indianapolis, IN

Give Your Retirement Plan a Boost.

A 401(k) is the most popular type of structured qualified retirement vehicle designated for individuals to save for their own personal retirement. Although many are aware of the term 401(k), very few have a full understanding of how a plan works, or the importance and extreme benefits these plans can have on their personal retirement outcome. All 401(k) plans may be assumed to all be the same, but they can be provided in several different ways, with varying benefits to the employees. Our goal at Werner Financial is to aid business owners in building the retirement plan they aim to provide for their employees. Also, we aspire to help these employees understand their 401(k) plans, and to fully utilize their opportunity in order to maximize the benefit that may be offered to them.

What is a 401(k)?

A 401(k) is a plan (typically provided by an employer) that allows an employee to contribute pay into it before being taxed on those dollars. The 401(k) is a tax deferred retirement account to supplement income in an individual’s retirement years.

In most cases, using a 401(k) is easy since your contributions happen before your paycheck drops into your checking account. You are typically asked how much you would like to contribute, and then that money is automatically contributed each month. In some cases, employers can opt to match some or all of an employee’s contribution. This is typically done up to a certain percentage.

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Indianapolis 401(k) Management for Employees and Businesses

Most 401(k) plans will have certain investment options, geared from very conservative to more aggressive. How each participant’s contribution is invested is based on that individual’s risk tolerance, and geared toward specific investment goals. The more conservative of these options is usually a money market/savings account but can range to more aggressive options like equity mutual funds and, in some cases, even individual stocks. 401(k) plans carry a number of benefits that include but are not limited to “post tax contribution options” (Roth options).

Loan features, and higher contribution limits. Whether you are using a 401(k) as an individual employee or setting one up for your business, Jason Werner wants to help you increase your understanding and returns from your 401(k) plan. To do that, Werner Financial will take you through their 4 Step approach to determine how your present 401(k) is invested (or help you set up your first 401(k)) and what the best mix is for your retirement goals and risk tolerance.

Making the Most of Your 401(k)

Jason Werner believes that 401(k) Management is more than just allocating your monthly contribution. At its core, Werner Financial strives to offer the best 401(k) Management Indianapolis has to offer and is here to help you get the most of that automatic deduction from your paycheck. The goal of your designated account is to save enough money for you to provide yourself an income in retirement. The objective of Werner Financial is to build a relationship with you and to help you reach your desired outcome. Jason wants you to have peace of mind that your specific plan is set up to meet your goals. We are excited for you to experience the Werner Financial difference for yourself with a review of your finances at no cost.

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Indianapolis 401(k) Management Step 1: Discovery

With Jason Werner, you have a partner who will get to know you before he gets to know your 401(k) plan. He will ask questions to find out about your financial goals and your tolerance for risk.

Upon reviewing your information, Jason will examine your 401(k) options in detail, so you know what to expect in the relationship and in the results. For employers, Werner Financial will ask about your employees and how best to serve them. No matter the size of your organization, Jason can help provide a 401(k) solution that fits. Jason has a passion for understanding the latest trends and the long-term history of finance.

And you can be confident that the retirement accounts of you and your employees place into their plans will be nurtured and protected under Jason’s expert care. Questions are always welcome. Werner Financial believes in transparency and clarity, and you will discover that Jason is easy to talk to and get to know. It is a goal of Werner Financial to ensure all participants have the opportunity to learn and understand their plans.

Indianapolis 401(k) Management Step 2: Analysis

After a thorough discussion of your goals in the discovery process, Jason will research the options that are best suited to your retirement objectives

If you are aggressive in your approach to investing, he will advise you on the options in your 401(k) plan that best fit a growth-oriented mindset. If you want to be a little more safe and or consider your goals to be more conservative.

Jason can search for ways to set up your 401(k) that focus more on protecting what’s already there. Jason can also determine how much you will need to put into your 401(k) to reach your goals, and whether there may be other options that are better suited for those investment dollars. Jason’s approach is that everyone has different needs. He customizes your strategy with the investments that best fit your overall retirement plan. If you don't have a retirement plan, he will be happy to show you on how to get started.

Indianapolis 401(k) Management Step 3: Action Plan

After a review has been completed, Jason will educate you on your options. Decisions for investments are made by you with our help. We show you the history performance and track record of each available fund, a holding breakdown of each fund, as well as what results are to be expected.

We know that you need to be comfortable with the choices you make. If an investment seems too risky or is not what you want to invest in, Jason will show you alternatives that are better matches for you. Jason sees his job as a trusted advisor; someone you can talk to about your worries and how to secure the future you desire. In Indianapolis 401(k) management with Jason means you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone is in your financial corner.

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Indianapolis 401(k) Management Step 4: Execution and Review

Once your action plan is locked down, it’s time to make those investment choices start to work for you.

401(k) management means keeping an eye on the results and working with you to adjust your selections if they aren’t performing as well as you had hoped. You also may find that after a while, you will want to take on a bit more risk, or you may want to pull back to a safer position. Jason will be there ready to have a relaxed, comfortable reassessment,

in order to ensure your plan allocation is always aligned with your goals. Big life changes happen too, and may alter your goals. The birth of a child, an inheritance, or a promotion at your job may result in a need to make adjustments. Jason will be there through every change, ready to provide a steady hand no matter what unpredictable event comes your way.

You know how to succeed at what you do. With Werner Financial in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that the fruits of your success are protected and that your financial plan is working as hard as you are. Schedule a no-obligation conversation with Jason Werner at Werner Financial today to secure your success.

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