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Worried About Outliving Your Money?

One of the most recognized and stated fears our retirees face today is the fear of outliving their retirement income. Finding ways to alleviate that fear can be through a discussion with a qualified financial planner. One of the many choices of financial solutions is the use of annuities. In Indianapolis, Werner Financial can help you decide if an annuity is right for you by helping you execute an action plan for your financial health.

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurer that requires that payments be made to you for a specified amount of time. It can provide periodic payments for the rest of your life or the life of someone you designate; such as your spouse.

Outside the attractive feature of protected and guaranteed income that annuity products provide, they also provide protection if the unexpected should happen before you start receiving payments. Pending the product of choice, an annuity can provide an income and or death benefit to your beneficiary. The term annuity has carried some negative connotation in recent years due to the misconceptions of how one actually works, and what types of contracts are most suitable for specific goals.

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What Types of Annuities Exist?

Just like life insurance, there are several different types of annuities that one can be provided in order to achieve specific financial objectives. It is imperative that if you have ever pondered the thought of an annuity having potential value in one’s retirement portfolio, you must be educated on a number of things before making a decision. Understanding the types of annuities and differences between fixed, variable, and indexed annuities, immediate payment annuities, and deferred income annuities will help you understand which might fit into your overall financial goals.

Fixed Annuities

A fixed annuity will provide a minimum rate of interest and a fixed amount of payments over a predetermined amount of time.

Variable Annuities

A variable annuity provides the opportunity to direct your payments to different investments and what you get in return is dependent on the return on those investments minus expenses.

Indexed Annuities

The indexed annuity is a combination of securities and insurance, with the return based on a stock market index.

Jason Werner’s goal is to make sure you have the retirement income you need for the entirety of your life. To determine if you need an annuity to help you do that (and which one might be right for you), Werner Financial will take you through their 4 Step approach. This holistic approach will determine your financial situation, what tools you need, and what financial products will best meet your goals.

Indianapolis Annuities Step 1: Discovery

Discovery allows you and Jason to get to know each other. Jason will explain the process that Werner Financial follows, what his values are, what his approach to retirement income is, and what you can expect from him.

This first session will give you both time to ask questions. Jason will ask about your overall financial situation, what type of assets do you current have in place for retirement, what you are hoping to provide for yourself and your family after you leave the workforce? He will also discuss how much risk you are willing to take to achieve those goals. Annuities may be one of the potential solutions to help meet your needs.

Don’t limit yourself to these questions. Jason has the heart of a teacher and knows that any question is important when it involves your money and your financial future. Jason will help explain some of the key points associated with annuities and answer the questions you may have:

  • How does this contract fit into my retirement plan?
  • Is my cash value accessible within the contract?
  • Are there any surrender penalties or stipulations with early withdrawal?
  • What contracts have the highest payouts?
  • What are the fees involved?
  • How many types of annuities are there?
  • Are all contracts susceptible to market performance or are there a number of options?
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Indianapolis Annuities Step 2: Analysis

From the information gathered during step one, if an annuity is a possible solution for you, Jason gets busy running the scenarios with various types of annuities and compares them to other investment options (while still being mindful of your personal risk tolerance). He is thorough and dedicated, and will make sure that all options available to you are carefully vetted. Jason will lay out the alternatives and can help you determine if one of the types of annuities works for you based always on your preferences.

Indianapolis Annuities Step 3: Action Plan

The next step is to develop the details to accomplish your goals. Jason will help to structure your annuity so that it fits your plans. He will help you determine the amount and the duration of time that payments can be guaranteed to continue. These are your decisions, but with Jason’s assistance, you will have honest, impartial advice to help guide your choices. Jason is a fiduciary, and ethically bound to ensure that any advice he gives is in your financial best interest.

Indianapolis Annuities Step 4: Execution and Review

Annuities can be complicated and are usually only one piece of the retirement puzzle. Jason can determine additional financial products and services that you may need.

He wants to develop a trusted relationship with you and will work to earn that trust. Reviewing your retirement plan has to be a regular activity. Jason welcomes the opportunity to be the one person you can turn to who will understand the whole picture of what you want to accomplish. That will help to alleviate your worries about running out of money while you are still living.

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Not All Annuities Are Created Equal. Buy One You Trust.

Jason Werner believes that it is not possible to feel comfortable with a financial planner who isn’t interested in you and your life. Having someone you feel at ease with discussing all the issues surrounding your future financial situation is essential. Jason works hard to become that trusted friend. Jason will help eliminate that worry of outliving your money.

If you are looking for annuities in Indianapolis and want someone local to help you understand your options for financial security who truly puts your interests first, look no further than Jason Werner and Werner Financial. Contact us today for a no obligation review and get the answers to the questions you may have on a new or existing annuity.

You know how to succeed at what you do. With Werner Financial in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that the fruits of your success are protected and that your financial plan is working as hard as you are. Schedule a no-obligation conversation with Jason Werner at Werner Financial today to secure your success.

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