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Asset Management in Indianapolis, IN

It All Starts With You

You have a goal in mind.

It’s why you’re on this page. That goal could be anything; saving for retirement, starting a college fund for your newborn, or making the most of your take-home pay. That goal is yours — and it is important. Proper asset management will help you achieve it.

At Werner Financial in Indianapolis, asset management is about two core principles: growth and protection. Jason Werner believes there are smart ways to responsibly grow your assets to meet your goals while protecting you from unnecessary risks.

Indianapolis Asset Management(for Real People)

Asset management is a sweeping term to describe the process of accumulating, protecting, and increasing the assets of an individual or business. There is an assumption that if you want to receive high-quality, personalized asset management, you have to be a high net worth individual or business. That’s not how Werner Financial operates.

At Werner Financial, we know what separates us from our competitors is the care we provide to our customers. We want to know your goals and share in your successes as we help you achieve them. Our commitment to care helps us make sure that we offer you the best possible strategies to grow and protect your assets in a way that makes you feel comfortable. To do that, Jason Werner will take you through his Four Step approach to asset management. Through this personal approach, you and Jason will determine the assets you have from the start, set expectations and goals on what you consider safe and reasonable growth, and ultimately create a plan to protect and increase your assets through your path to retirement.

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Indianapolis Asset Management Step 1: Discovery

One of the most common mistakes Jason Werner sees in financial planning is a lack of initial communication. At Werner Financial in Indianapolis, Asset management begins with our very first conversation. This conversation is so important because it helps both you and Jason understand all the pieces to the equation before a single action is implemented. To Jason, the most important piece in that equation is you. He wants to learn about your worries, your concerns, your past experiences, your goals, and your expectations. The details of the discovery meeting are vital in tailoring your personal asset management plan.

At the same time, Jason believes discovery goes both ways. As much as he wants to get to know you, he finds it equally important that you get to know him as well. He will share his methods of growth-oriented asset management with you so that expectations are set from the very beginning. We can always be certain that there will be unknowns and that markets may change, but the strategy you craft together will be ready to adapt to those changes. The Discovery meeting sets the foundation for a plan that will help you reach goals you never thought possible on your own. It’s one of Jason’s favorite parts of the process, and he looks forward to going through and helping you discover your path to success.

Indianapolis Asset Management Step 2: Analysis

Once all of the information has been gathered from Discovery, we go to work.

Werner Financial will factor in variables such as your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, and existing assets into the analysis for your financial plan. Using a growth-oriented mindset, Jason will analyze the opportunities available to you. As always, he will take care to protect and grow your wealth when reviewing these opportunities. Jason understands that in the world of asset management, knowledge is power.

His job is to stay up to date on the latest trends in the financial industry, which will help him find opportunities that generate results that lie within your comfort zone. These aren’t just sales pitches. These are actual opportunities with detailed analysis and legitimate performance benchmarks. Jason uses his knowledge and skills to tailor these opportunities for you. They will form the core of the next step in the process — the action plan.

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Indianapolis Asset Management Step 3: Action Plan

The action plan is where everything comes together and a plan will be laid out for our Indianapolis asset management clients. When Jason sits down with you and details the opportunities available to you in your action plan, you will begin to see the path to your goals taking shape.

Jason will explain your options in detail, with easy-to-understand visual comparisons that will help you choose the plan that fits your comfort level. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions you may have to have a complete understanding of the plan. It is important to know that these plans are not set in stone. There are many ways to achieve financial goals, so it is key for our firm to provide the flexibility to these action items to adapt to meet all potential goals. We are always happy to make adjustments to meet those goals as best as possible. This is your plan. Jason is there to help you execute it. With Jason in your corner, you will start to see the world of financial planning and asset management in a new light. You will understand how the changes in the global economy impact your personal goals, and new opportunities will begin to reveal themselves to you as your path becomes more clear.

Indianapolis Asset Management Step 4: Execution and Review

Even though this is technically the start of the process, by now, you’ll probably already be noticing things starting to change due to Jason’s involvement. You will know your plan, and you will know which key components are vital for your goals to be reached.

You will have an expert managing your plan, and giving you the confidence to know you are on your path to your financial freedom. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly getting excited to discuss finance!

As important as all of the steps are, Step 4 may be the most vital in achieving optimum results. When agreeing to work with us, you are agreeing to review your plan with Jason on an annual basis. Life will change, variables will change, unknowns will be inevitable. We are committed to being present and involved through these changes. Your financial advisor should feel like a trusted friend of the family; there to help you make the best decisions at the most crucial times.

A Friendly Face for your Finances

Jason believes that asset management is not the cold, impersonal business of universal plans, one size fits all suggestions, and hard to understand information. Jason’s clients are his friends, and he takes pride in building long trusting relationships.

He built his business on word of mouth, referrals, achieving results, and most importantly, by having a high priority on customer service. What makes Werner Financial different from other Indianapolis asset management companies? With Werner Financial, you are working with someone who cares — not someone just going through the motions. Experience the Werner difference for yourself with a free discovery consultation and risk analysis.

Jason Werner, Indianapolis Asset Management Specialist
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You know how to succeed at what you do. With Werner Financial in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that the fruits of your success are protected and that your financial plan is working as hard as you are. Schedule a no-obligation conversation with Jason Werner at Werner Financial today to secure your success.

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